By Idajor Ajah

  1. To accidentally hit your left foot on the ground is a sign of great bad luck.
  2. Meeting a woman as soon as you step out of your house on your way to the market as a trader is a sign that you will have a bad sale.
  3. Sneezing when you’re alone shows that some people are talking about you somewhere.
  4. Hearing a sound as if someone called your name is death calling. You need to reply by saying your basin of benniseed poured away and you’re picking them up one seed at a time.
  5. Itching of the palm of your hand is a sign of money coming.
  6. Sweeping at night is to sweep your wealth away.
  7. A woman who mistakenly burst into the Achukwu masquerade at night will never bear children.
  8. The cry of dogs in any neighbourhood is an abomination and a sign that something evil is about to happen.
  9. If you kill a wall gecko, you must give it a befitting burial or else.
  10. Travelling with a mortar without putting a coin in the mortar attracts accidents.
  11. Whenever a praying mantis jumps on you, it is a sign that you are about to have children.
  12. If a baby is hiccupping, the mother can remove a strand of cloth and put it on the child’s hair. This will stop the hiccup.
  13. Whistling at night attracts snakes.
  14. To see a rabbit come out in the daytime is an abomination.
  15. If you mistakenly jump across a pregnant woman, she will give birth to twins.