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Coach Sakeenah Writes (SW)

Coach Sakeenah Writes (SW)MEET ME:

For over 3 years I have been a young passionate, purposeful and intentional content writer, whose works are majorly centred around personal growth, positive mindset development, modesty and purpose discovery.

In less than four years, I have written more than 1000 articles and contents that have propelled positive changes in the lives of people, especially the youths.

I am a student, particularly a student of Lagos State University, from the faculty of Education, the department of business education.

I am an advocate of modesty, an impactor, an aspiring Author, a soon-to-be certified public speaker and coach and I am an agent of positive transformation. I have mentored more than 100 youths on personal growth, self discovery and purpose discovery, and I’m still mentoring till date.

I am the founder of PENTACKLES, a writing organisation aimed at bringing together writers from all over the world who are passionate about impacting positively into the lives of people through their pen.

I am the founder of DE’DYNAMITES, an organization for youths aimed at building a network of productive youths.

As a purpose discovery coach, my favorite quote is, “A life lived on purpose is a life marked for greatness, but a life live without a purpose is a life lived in vain.”

My watchword which is one of my works is “We can dream all we want, but we must remember that without God, we are and can achieve nothing.”

Hello, my name is Sekinah Alawiye, popularly known as Sakeenah’writes, welcome to my page. I’m elated to have you here.

Priceless Message to Freshers

Irrespective of what happens on your way up, irrespective of every challenge or obstacle you face, your "WHY" of coming

Sekinah Alawiye By Sekinah Alawiye
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