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AEDC Threatens Power Cuts to Defence HQ, Others Over Unpaid Bills

  The Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) has issued a warning to several key government institutions, including the Defence Headquarters, the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA), Power House, the Police Headquarters, and other customers, on imminent disconnection due to non-payment of electricity bills. This was disclosed in a notice titled "Notice for Power Disconnection for Customers with Outstanding Bills" on

Hope Williams By Hope Williams

Nigerians React to Revised National Anthem

President Bola Tinubu has signed a bill to revive Nigeria's former national anthem. Senate President Godswill Akpabio revealed this announcement at a meeting with the Senate and House of Representatives. On Wednesday, President Bola Tinubu signed the National Anthem Bill 2024, which seeks to replace the currently recognised national anthem, "Arise, O Compatriots," with the old anthem, "Nigeria, We Hail

Hadiza Abubakar By Hadiza Abubakar

Perm. Sec. Pledges Support for Idoma Association

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development, Dr. Mary Ogbe, has pledged her full support to the Idoma Development Association (IDA) in advancing development in Idoma land. She made this commitment during a courtesy visit from IDA executives at her office in Abuja on Thursday, May 23, 2024. Dr. Ogbe, who is one of the first

Idajor Ajah By Idajor Ajah

USAID Urges Passage of FCT Health Insurance Bill

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has urged the Nigerian government to pass and implement the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Health Insurance Bill to increase health insurance coverage for nearly six million people in Nigeria's capital, Abuja. The Chief of Party for USAID's Integrated Health Programme (IHP), Marta Levitt, made this appeal during the IHP's closing ceremony in

Hadiza Abubakar By Hadiza Abubakar

Pre-Civilisation African Iron Works

Africans have been familiar with metals since ancient times, and most historians agree that the Iron Age began on the African continent. Africans smelted iron long before Arabs and Indians imported it from Europe. Iron and other metals are still held in high regard, with great attention given to their significance. The adage "necessity is the father of invention" holds

Idajor Ajah By Idajor Ajah

News About Nigerian NGOs

Dr. Elachi Joins ESMDC Governing Council

A legal practitioner and scholar, Dr. Agada Elachi, has been appointed to

Hadiza Abubakar By Hadiza Abubakar
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While Edikwu Laments, Alia Orders Rescue of Kidnapped Family

Benue State Governor Hyacinth Alia has directed security agencies to intensify efforts in ensuring the safety of lives and properties within the state. This directive comes in the wake of a recent attack on Mr. Terwase Orbunde, a former Chief of Staff, during which his wife and cook were abducted by unknown gunmen who have demanded a ransom of ₦100 million for their release. Condemning the "barbaric act" in strong terms, Governor Alia emphasised the need for collective responsibility in combating insecurity. "Security should, and must be everyone's concern," he stated, urging residents to promptly report any suspicious activities to law enforcement agencies. According to an associate of Mr Orbunde's Mr Tarhav Agezua, the former Chief of Staff said the abductors made contact with him, communicating through the captives and demanding the ransom amount. Agezua revealed that during the contact, the gunmen spoke Fulani among themselves and communicated with him in Hausa, threatening to kill the captives if the ransom was not paid. While acknowledging insecurity as a global issue, Rev Fr Hyacinth Alia affirmed his administration's unwavering commitment to securing the state and ensuring the safe release of the abducted victims. "I will continue working round the clock to secure every life and property in the state," he assured, highlighting security as a top priority. Alia called upon security agencies to intensify efforts in apprehending the perpetrators of the attack and rescuing the abducted victims. He reiterated the government's willingness to provide the necessary support required by the agencies to effectively combat criminal elements disrupting the peace within the state. Addressing concerns over the recent security breach and abduction, Governor Alia assured the Benue people that measures are being taken to ensure their safety and secure the release of the captives. The Governor's statements underscore the administration's resolve to curb insecurity and restore peace, with a firm commitment to bringing those responsible for the attack and kidnapping to justice. In a related development, some communities in Apa Local Government Area of Benue State have lamented the neglect of their plights by Governor Hyacinth Alia. According to a post by one Mr Morgan Adikwu, Edikwu a once vibrant community is now plagued by sorrow, tears, and bloodshed due to relentless attacks by armed terrorists. Despite the devastation, he said, the state government has shown indifference, leaving the community to fend for itself. With farming activities disrupted, the community faces food insecurity and social unrest. Mr Adikwu therefore urged Federal Government intervention, with a deployment of mobile police to restore peace and order. His post underscores the position canvassed in a live video session yesterday on AkweyaTV's YouTube channel, urging swift action to break the cycle of violence and suffering in Benue State.

Odoh Okenyodo By Odoh Okenyodo

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Struggle Ahead For Nigerians, Says CHRICED

The Resource Centre for Human Rights and Civic Education (CHRICED) has extended

Folusho Oluwole By Folusho Oluwole

Join Bem Sar’s Epic “Return of the Imitraitor” Listening Party!

A unique invitation has surfaced, bearing the intriguing message, "Hello, dear colleagues

AkweyaTV By AkweyaTV

Tinubu Appoints Ella, Odoh, Six Others Perm Secs

In a move aimed at bolstering the efficiency and service delivery within

Odoh Okenyodo By Odoh Okenyodo

Lt. Col. Imam Becomes NDA’s First Army Professor

The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) in Kaduna has announced the promotion of

Folusho Oluwole By Folusho Oluwole

CHRICED Condemns World Bank’s Proposal on Petrol Price Increase

The lead economist for the World Bank in Nigeria, Alex Sienaert, has

Idajor Ajah By Idajor Ajah

2023 Polls: Renowned Public Intellectual Knocks Soyinka

Ikheloa accused Southwest intellectuals of being disingenuous about their commitment to regional

AkweyaTV By AkweyaTV

UNESCO Forges Partnership with PAWA

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) has taken a

Folusho Oluwole By Folusho Oluwole

Oyo Distributes N500M to Small Business Owners

The Oyo state government has disbursed N500 million under its Sustainable Action

Hadiza Abubakar By Hadiza Abubakar
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Pre-Civilisation African Iron Works

Africans have been familiar with metals since ancient times, and most historians agree that the Iron Age began on the African continent. Africans smelted iron long before Arabs and Indians

Idajor Ajah By Idajor Ajah 5 Min Read

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